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#DirectSellingIs is a 2019 campaign powered by Seldia, The European Direct Selling Association, created around the Direct Selling experiences and the "New Way" of work.



Direct Selling Is....

Direct Selling Stories

Direct Selling: Did you Know?

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CampaignSideText1: Meridian Germany as a Direct Selling Full Service Provider in Europe recommends the European Direct Selling Conference as a “must-date” in your calendar. Besides the valuable, educational resource, the conference offers a perfect networking platform and is a most inspiring event.
CampaignSideName1: Renate Staab
CampaignSideFunction1: CEO
CampaignSideCompany1: Meridian Germany GmbH
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CampaignSideText2: The Seldia Annual Conference is without contest a key event of the direct selling industry in Europe, offering an inspiring program, with great opportunities to learn and to network.
CampaignSideName2: Samir Behl
CampaignSideFunction2: Regional President Europe
CampaignSideCompany2: Amway

Seldia celebrated its 50th birthday in 2018 at the European Direct Selling Conference in Brussels. Around the organization of the conference, we prepared anniversary material that presents the history of Seldia.